Winter-Spring 2018

  1. English For  mathematical  texts (Undergraduate Applied Math)
  2. Nonsmooth Optimization (Ph.D. Applied Math-Optimization)
  3. Special Topics in Measure theory [Uncertainty Theory] (Ph.D. Applied Math-Optimization)

Autumn 2017

  1. Convex Analysis and Nonlinear Optimization (Ph.D. Applied Math-Optimization)
  2. Convex Optimization (Master of Electrical Engineering)
  3. Stochastic Linear optimization (Graduate students in Applied Math)
  4. Discrete Mathematics (Undergraduate course for Computer Science)

Spring 2017

  1. Advanced Topics in Combinatorial Optimization (Ph.D. Applied Math-Optimization)
  2. Network Optimization (Master of applied Math)
  3. English For  mathematical  texts (Undergraduate Applied Math)


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