Some of my recent intersts

My works are focussed on the application of operations research in different areas. Here, you can find details.

  • Optimization in Uncertain Environment

    • Supply Chain in Uncertain Environment

      Unavoidable lingering uncertainty in supply chain systems is a vital concern in rapid growing industries. Manufacturing of electronic devices such as smart phones, laptops and tablets are palpable instances of such industries. The competitive market of such products is a pivotal challenge in addition to unpredictable nature of potential customers’ trend for new innovative products. These productions mainly have short lifetime, barely more than few years and even in some cases, limited to several months. They are usually produced once, world-widely distributed, with a commitment to after-sale and maintenance services. Collecting reliable data in such perplexing uncertain environment is almost impossible and one needs mostly to acquire some domain experts’ belief on the subject and trust on them for a better strategy in supply chain.

    • DEA in Uncertain Environment

      Deterministic DEA models consider precise value for input and output data, while they intrinsically suffer from some degree of uncertainty. Most studies in this area are based on the assumption that inputs and outputs are equipped with some pre-known knowledge which enables using probability theory or fuzzy theory. In the lack of such data, one has to trust on the experts’ opinions, which can be considered as a sort of uncertainty, while the axiomatic approach of uncertainty theory initiated by Liu in 2007 could be an adequate powerful approach.

  •  Sensitivity Analysis and Parametric Programming

  • Data Mining and Optimization